The 39th of 2024 China(Beijing)International Amusement Facilities and Equipment Expo held by the China Amusement Park Association(CAAPA)will be opened at the China International Exhibition Center(Shunyi HAll) from March 20 to 22. This expo gathers over 600 famous brand service providers and manufacturers from all over the world to participate in the grand event and share the opportunities. Cowboy Group will bring the latest landing excellent cases in three different business plates of the unpowered amusement park,water park, and children’s indoor playground, and introduce our innovative development and outcomes of project planning, equipment research and development, and other fields. At that time, Cowboy will wait for your visit at Booth No. Pavilion W2-2215.

Exhibition Forecast丨Cowboy Group Will Appear at the China Beijing Attraction Expo 2024

In recent years, the cultural tourism market has developed very fast and many cities are famous for creating an industry integrating culture and tourism. At the same time, the industry integrating culture and tourism has become a new trend and meanwhile, the new methods of play continuously innovate, new design inspirations constantly appear and new forms continuously incorporate in the cultural tourism industry.

Since being established in 2003, Cowboy Group has taken creating an overall solution for high-end unpowered children's parks as the core business, with 20 years of experience in production and implementation and a strong R & D design team and project implementation team. Up to now, Cowboy Group has provided a one-stop solution for urban children's parks, children's theme parks in the scenic spots, community children's playgrounds, commercial children's activity space, and idle space children's playgrounds.Nowadays,more than 10,000 projects have landed in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Cowboy Group has won the title Outstanding Contribution Unit for the Golden Crown Awards for continuous five years and was selected into the program of CCTV The Road of Ingenuity - to be the Leader of the Unpowered Amusement Equipment Industry.

Cowboy Group has been leading the development direction of the industry with advanced production technology and design concepts, understanding customer needs, constantly innovating, and creating higher value for customers.