The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

Set functional participation and emotional interaction in one of the children’s outdoor play spaces, shepherd boy to take you to play a new idea!

As is known to all, children’s outdoor play space plays a crucial role in the growth of children. It not only helps children make friends and learn, enhance self-confidence and cultivate the spirit of solidarity and cooperation but also guides them to know and understand the world, laying a foundation for their easy integration into society in the future.

Different from other recreation Spaces, children’s outdoor recreation space emphasizes the integration of various subdivisions and the external environment, which includes the natural environment and cultural environment. How to integrate children into nature can enhance interpersonal communication, communication, cooperation, and other social skills at the same time?

With regard to zoning, shepherd Boy brings the zoning characteristics of the outdoor children’s park project.

This amusement park is built in accordance with the children’s nature of drilling, crawling, sliding, rolling, and jumping. The unpowered amusement equipment is wonderful and rich, and the design and layout of each play area are particularly exquisite. What hides behind it is not only the care and care of the shepherds but also the sincere childlike innocence that accompanies the healthy growth of children.

1: Microterrain sand pool area

The combination of micro-terrain and sand pool is simple but not random, and the activity is appropriate. The creativity of playing sand and the active exercise of independent thinking and climbing are perfectly presented here.

Drilling holes and rings are designed on the micro terrain to allow younger children to drill in and out, triggering the fun of exploration and bringing a sense of stimulation.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

2: Fun Slide area

The stainless steel slide, designed with undulating terrain, extends from top to bottom and curves like a dragon, attracting children to conquer and gallop.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

3: Climb expansion area

In the first expansion area, the bright orange color of the climbing wall and spider climbing web combination distribution, for the children to carry out the climbing competition provides the conditions, climbing process, let the children learn to be brave and adhere to.

The grade 2 extension is a continuation of the race after the child has reached the top, but the new additions of stainless steel tubes and round nets add to the challenge.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

4: Puzzle interaction area

The interactive learning wall made up of 280 small balls is both interesting and ornamental, attracting children to explore, play their imagination, and experience the fun of the two-color small balls in their hands into various shapes again and again.

Exquisite seesaw, strengthen parent-child interaction, multi-function massage device, shoulder joint rehabilitation device, and other Settings, parents can also participate in it.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

5: Balance training area

Children walking on the balance beam and balance bridge can exercise their sense of balance, improve coordination and agility, and better promote their healthy growth.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

6: Special crawling area

Climbing net, hanging net, children’s extension net, these are the designer’s careful arrangement, various types of the climbing net, increase children’s knowledge, stimulate their interest in exploration.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

7: Funny sketches section

Cartoon lovely caterpillar burrow, the child is free burrow climb, imagination is rich, place oneself among them, imitate if be in harmony with caterpillar be in harmony.

The Main Area Of Children’s Outdoor Play Space

The unique capsule allows younger children to climb and explore new ways.

The lob that USES ground height to hang and gout condole dish, attracting the eye of the child likewise, they grope, flap, play not as happy as before.

It is worth mentioning that the shepherd boy makes the outdoor children’s playground, style diversity, not only can meet the needs of different age children, pay more attention to the protection of their safety, either end of a slide and sand ground connection, is the highs climbed the railing on both sides of the terrain, or activity area of the mat, all of these play safely provides a guarantee for the child.

“Inspire people’s talent, build the future” is our pursuit. As the leader of the new concept of unmotivated children’s amusement park, shepherd boy will continue to innovate and create a more healthy and happy amusement space for children.