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Customer Service Continuous Follow-Up Guarantee

Our headquarters will ensure continuous follow-up and deal with any spare parts enquiries, adhere to providing the overall solutions for children's outdoor theme parks integrating R&D, design, customization, production, and service.


We are a professional design team decdicated to creating a top activity space for kids

group style
Triangular Collaboration Model

The triangular collaboration model is the product of the transformation of the Cowboy Group from the previous personal solo to the construction of organizational capabilities. The triangular collaboration model is defined in the Cowboy Group as the Sales manager responsible for the customer, the design manager responsible for planning and providing the solution, and the project manager for installation. They cover the most core three business systems. How to set up an efficient marketing team according to industry characteristics is the key to the success of corporate marketing system.

The appeared of the triangle cooperation mode of the Cowboy Group is that the Cowboy Group discovers the problems of it own existence. The departments are in charge of each other, the communication between them is not smooth, the information is not shared, and the commitments of each department to the customers are inconsistent. When in contact with customers, each person only cares about their field of responsibility and will resulting in omissions in customer needs. The design scheme can not meet the customer'srequirements, and the service ability can not be satisfactory. The demand for customers is more passive response, it is difficult to actively grasp the deep-seated needs of customers.

cooperate with the customer relationship, product and design scheme, delivery and installation services, set up a core management team for specific customer (Group) projects, realize the normalization of customer interface, and better help customers achieve business success.

Our Services

Our Services

Products Made In China

The most all of our products are manufactured in China. It's convenient to provide better quality control since we keep things close to home. In addition, Benefiting from the rapid development of China's economy and low labor costs, Cowboy offers a wealth of career opportunities to enrich the local community and invest in the economy.

Warranty Policy

The equipment and materials provided by our company are brand-new and meet Chinese national standards(For special certification like TUV/CE, we could also provide accordingly.) All equipment and facilities are provided with 1 year free warranty period and 3-year after sales tracking period.

Our Services
Our Services

Installation & Maintenance

We will send the installation CAD drawing and installation instruction/video to clients, if they got any problem with the installation, our after-sales engineer will support them online. The equipment maintenance manual will also be provided to customers. If the equipment is properly maintained, the service life of the equipment will be longer.

Quality Control

Kids play hard and that means they're going to occasionally skin an elbow or bruise a shin. Safety has been a priority of ours since the beginning. See what steps we’ve taken to establish and exceed the safety standards in our industry.

Our Services