This forest outdoor playground is built within the Leedon Green condominium in Singapore and covers an area of 75 square meters. Based on the fact that this playground is built in an apartment with beautiful surroundings, but the planned area is small and the building topography is triangular, the Cowboy Group design team decided to retain the original planning layout to the maximum degree, using colors that are in harmony with nature, and adding some high-quality outdoor playground equipment of nature series. This design of the playground maximizes the use of the space of the venue, allowing more players to play at the same time. Here, children will embark on a safe forest journey, experience the fun of different outdoor play equipment, and feel the unique charm of this small but beautiful playground.

LEEDON GREEN Apartment Forest Outdoor Playground

This forest outdoor playground is equipped with five types of outdoor play equipment. First of all, tower climbing equipment with plastic slides can exercise children's balance ability and hand-foot coordination, and improve sensory cognition. Secondly, the forest insect seesaw allows children to understand the content and application of the lever principle.

Third, the music playback panel is suitable for children over 1 year old. Children can feel the joy of beautiful notes by tapping the panel. At the same time, the music produced by the music pipes can not only calm children’s restless moods but also promote the development of their senses.

Fourthly, the Manipulative Play Panel is suitable for kids over 1 year old and it can promote the brain of children's development, and exercise their practice ability. In addition, there are some numbers on the operation panel, which allow children to communicate with partners or parents, increase their knowledge of numbers, and deepen their understanding of arithmetic.

Fifth, the caterpillar is specially designed for children over 6 months old and can accommodate 3 children playing at the same time. More than that, the appearance of Caterpillar is a green animal with its curious shape stimulating the sensory development of vision and tactile, and attracting children’s attention.

LEEDON GREEN Apartment Forest Outdoor Playground