On May 31, the 8th China Brand Summit and 2024 Boao Cultural Industry Brand Forum was held in Hainan. With the theme of "Brand Power Drives the Future", the summit brought together leaders, scholars, brand leaders, and media representatives to share brand innovation experiences, exchange brand growth stories, explore the upward road of brands, and accumulate striving force for Chinese brand construction to a higher level.

At this forum, Cowboy Group stood out from lots of enterprises and won the 2024 Amusement Equipment Industry Logo Brand by its outstanding market performance, innovation ability, excellent corporate strength, and brand influence, which not only manifests the leading position of Cowboy Group in the amusement facilities industry but also greatly improves the brand influence of Cowboy Group.

Honorary Awards-Cowboy won the Honor of

As a professional, authoritative, wide demonstration, and influential brand event, the Boao Cultural Industry Brand Forum is one of the representatives of the annual ideological feast of the Chinese business community and has been highly regarded since its establishment in 2017. Many of China's top 100 enterprises were gathered in the forum to explore the constantly innovative path of China’s enterprises jointly.

The leader of the Unpowered Amusement Industry,-Continuous Innovation, and Enhancing R&D Capabilities and Competitiveness

Cowboy Group founded in 2003 is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, installation, and after-sales service, providing one-stop creative play space overall solutions for global children. Through continuous innovation and R&D and strict quality control, improved the competitiveness and reliability of products, and became the leader of the unpowered amusement industry, Cowboy Group was identified as a national high-tech enterprise, won the "Golden Crown Award-Outstanding unpowered equipment Supplier" honorary title for five consecutive years and was named "Outstanding contribution unit of China Tourism Association in 2023". In 2023, it was selected as the brand program of CCTV's "Ingenuity".

Honorary Awards-Cowboy won the Honor of

Accelerate the Establishment of Overseas Branches and Improve the Ability to Respond Quickly to Overseas Business Needs

Since its establishment, the concept of international development has been rooted in the genes of the company, leading Cowboy to continuously build a strong international team, an open and inclusive international layout, and an international vision of benefiting the world. In the past two years, Cowboy has actively responded to the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative and planned a systematic international development path for development. The business of our Los Angeles branch and Dubai branch is booming. We continue to enhance the radiant power, popularity, and influence of the brand by "going out", "integrating into" and "taking root", so that the light of the national brand shines in the world.

In the future, we will continue to fulfill our commitment to global customers with excellent service, and achieve new leaps in the new strategic territory!

Honorary Awards-Cowboy won the Honor of

Honor as the Driving Force, Leading the Industry High-quality Development

Quality is the life of the brand.

Innovation is the inexhaustible power of brand building.

This award is an affirmation of the Boao Forum Organizing Committee for the development strategy, business operations, and brand building of the Cowboy Group. Next, we will continue to uphold the idea of strengthening the company through brand, continue to use honor as motivation and adhere to the original mission of "being the Cowboy of the world and making the world happier", creating greater value for customers, leading the industry's high-quality development, and fulfilling greater social responsibilities.