Zhengzhou Secret Wonderland Adventure Themed Park Playground is designed and equipped by Cowboy Group ,with the theme of helping the Darkastrons return to their hometown. The story development is as follows. At first, the spaceship of the Darkastrons fell into the Fairy World on Earth, and then, the fairies tried their best to overcome all the problems and difficulties, so that the Darkastrons could restart the spaceship and return home.  In order to thank the fairies, they left a small spaceship and a star power station for the fairies. Therefore, the designer around the storied theme respectively sets up five functional areas and the themed park playground is equipped with a variety of large outdoor playground equipment. Among them, four functional areas are built in accordance with the order of the storied development and one functional area is used as a supplementary area of the theme park for children to play.

Part One: Secret Camp Area

First of all, the first functional area is the Secret Camp Area, which is the habitat of the fairies in the theme park. However,the actual application of this area is the ticket sales and customer service center of the theme park.

Part Two: Fairy World Area

Secondly, the second functional area is the Fairy World Area which is the secret woodland where the fairies who control the changes of the seasons live. On this day, when all the fairies were doing their jobs, a loud noise in the distant forest caught the attention of the fairies. At this time, light fairies found that the spaceship of the Darkastrons had fallen down. If the Darkastrons want to back their hometown, they need the fairies in two ways help them fix the spaceship and get the energy. The children who enter the theme park playground have to as a member of fairies, and go to the dark forest to fix the spaceship for the Darkastrons.At first, children need to pass through the Skywalk and Horse Park Combination Playground which contains different types of Climbing Nets Combination, Customized Stainless Steel Slides, Outdoor Plastic Slides, and other outdoor playground equipment. When children are immersed and experience the storied scenes and finish the storied assignment, they can release nature and enjoy themselves. Then, children need to go across the Lighthouse Playground, but before boarding the Lighthouse Playground, they get there by Outdoor Climbing Rock Equipment. After arriving at the Lighthouse Playground, they can reach the ground by sliding the Customized Stainless Steel slide. Finally, through the Micro Terrain Amusement Equipment,they can reach the dark forest to fix the spaceship for the Darkstrons.

Part Three: Life Farm Area

In addition, to help the Darkstrons restart the spaceship and return hometown also requires getting the energy. As a member of fairies, children need to go to the third functional area- Life Farm Area, and the dark crystal is the energetic power that can help the Darkstrons restart their spaceship. After the fairies entered the Life Farm , the dying tree of Life told them that if they wanted to restart spacecraft, they must go to the jungle maze to find the dark crystal and inject it into the interstellar energy station. After entering the jungle maze, children need to sit on the Simus Three Control Swing for Outdoor Playground in batches and experience the feeling of down and up and speed change, and then, they can arrive next station named Desert Oasis Playground which covers some Smart Expansion Equipment that Children pass requiring some physical power and perseverance. During the process, Children can exercise and improve the coordination of individuals. Besides, the Desert Oasis Playground is equipped with a Knowledge Playground containing the alphabet, number, mathematical symbol, and a blackboard,which indicates that kids with certain knowledge storage can pass it and reach the water pool where the dark crystal hides.

Part Four: Dark Star Base Area

With the help of the fairies, the Darkastrons restarted the spaceship and returned their home. In order to thank the fairies, the Darkastrons left a spaceship and a star power station for the fairies, that is Spaceship Playground and Outdoor Cloud Trampoline. The fairies feel happy for the Darkastrons and go to the fourth functional area- Dark Star Base Area holding the annual jungle carnival. When the fairies celebrate the carnival in the Dark Star Base, they can board the Spaceship Playground and play in it. The main body of the Spaceship Playground is produced with pure stainless steel and the Spaceship Playground has a giant Customized Stainless Steel Slide. At the same time, there are some Planet-shaped Outdoor Playground Equipment around the playground. In addition, fairies can also jump on the Outdoor Cloud Trampoline, feeling the unique charm of soft touch, resilience force, and centrifugal force from the air to the ground.

Part Five: Peripheral Equipment Area

Finally, Secret Woodland Adventure Themed Park Playground also establishes a Peripheral Equipment Area, which provides a good place for kids waiting for parents, waiting for entry, and leisure and amusement. The Peripheral Equipment Area has an Ultra-Large Climbing Net For Outdoor Playground and a Combination Multiplayer Swing For Outdoor Playground.

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