The Amber Garden Outdoor Playground was built in Singapore and covers an area of about 300 square meters. The design theme of this outdoor playground for kids adopts the Natural forest theme that continues to use the environment and construction style of the project landing site.Furthermore, the outdoor play park was planned and designed by Cowboy Group, and the Cowboy Group design team took multiple dimensions into consideration to help clients create a perfect children’s play park.

Overview Layout

Amber Garden Outdoor Playground

Project Site Analysis

Before Cowboy Group conceived this project design scheme, it made a detailed project site analysis from the project location, project site information, and customers’ demands to the overall planning of the community. Therefore, based on these characteristics, the Cowboy Group decided to follow the theme style of nature and forest to design the outdoor playground equipment and landscape layout, while the location of the children's activity space is set on the west side of the community to reduce the interference to the surrounding residents so that children can enjoy themselves in the children outdoor playground.

Amber Garden Outdoor Playground

Design Concept

This outdoor play area for kids uses nature and forest as the design theme and extracts the design elements from nature. Therefore, in order to perfectly present and restore the appearance of nature and forest, integrate the playground into the community, and create an outstanding natural forest theme outdoor playground, the outdoor playground applies blue, yellow, orange, and green as the main colors, which respectively stands for ocean, dessert, gobi dessert, and forest, and uses the natural series products which can blend in well with the surrounding trees.

Amber Garden Outdoor Playground

Functional Partition

This outdoor playground for kids has three functional areas and each functional area is designed for children of different ages. Meanwhile, the Young Children Play Area is suitable for kids aged 0-3 years old to play, while the Middle Children Play Area is designed for children aged 3-6 years old. At last, the Elder Children Play Area is created for kids aged 7-12 years old.

Amber Garden Outdoor Playground

Matching Outdoor Playground Equipment

Cowboy Group's design team is according to different design functions and design purposes to be equipped with various outdoor playground equipment in the three functional areas. Firstly, the Young Children Play Area is matched with Rocking horses and Seesaws. Second, the Middle Children Play Area contains microgeography equipment, a natural theme playground, and balance equipment. Thirdly, the Elder Children Area covers some smart expansion equipment and the natural theme playground.

Amber Garden Outdoor Playground

Designer's Wishes

The Cowboy designers hope that Children can constantly improve their observation and actively learn self-protection ability during the playing of the smart expansion equipment, and Kids who play in the sand pit can improve their physical fitness, feel the charm of nature, develop their creations, and get the emotional satisfaction. In addition, the Cowboy designers also hope that the microgeography equipment can enhance the sense of space, guide them to get close to nature, and stimulate children’s exploration and communication abilities.