Product Description

Magician's Playground combined with children's imitating nature. High platforms and slides give older children more space and opportunities for challenges.
The overall design of the forest style allows children to get close to nature. Climbing net can exercise children's climbing ability; music panel cultivates children's musical perception; slides allow children to enjoy the fun of sliding.The overall transparent design allows parents and teachers to clearly see the children’s play process and feel the joy of their growth.

Product Materials
  1. The φ133 column adopts a new type of seamless glass steel pipe technology, corrosion resistance, never rust, excellent durability> 10 years, excellent weatherability, the surface is painted with paint, UV resistance, and not easy to fade. The appearance is simulated by tree pattern mechanism carving.
  2. The stainless steel plate adopts 3mm thickness, adopts 304 stainless steel material. Surface treatment :brushed finishing, the surface is smooth without barbs and roughness.
  3. φ16mm rope, rubber coated platform.
  4. All the protection board were made by FRP.
Product Specifications



Maximum Capacity:75 PERSONS

Dimensions (L*W*H):1496*1040*575 CM

Suitable Area with Safety Zone:1900*1440 CM

Product Applicable Places:outdoor park, schools, backyards, hotel

Product Features:Novel design, suitable for all ages, support customization, durable,Diversified functions