Product Description

The stainless steel slide is not limited by the mold, and has super wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is durable and can be used in different spaces.
For example, it is installed in the atrium of a shopping mall, combined with the marketing of the shopping mall, and providing stimulating sliding can increase the repeated consumption of customers in the mall.
For outdoor large-scale scenic spots, the installation of extra-long stainless steel slides can enhance the excitement of the overall scenic spot. Moreover, the stainless steel slide supports customization of different shapes, and the addition of different patterns on the outside can enhance the artistry of the landmark building.
Install stainless steel slides in schools and offices to enjoy the pleasure of sliding speed, which can enhance the happiness of students and employees.

Product Materials
  1. The stainless steel plate adopts 3mm thickness, adopts 304 stainless steel material. Surface treatment :brushed finishing, the surface is smooth without barbs and roughness.
  2. Can be customized differnt height, accept theme design.
Product Specifications

Product Model:MT0220-1

Standard height for choose:Can be customized

Product applicable places:outdoor park, schools, hotel, shopping mall