Agile Pearl Bay is located in Wuchuan, Zhanjiang, one of the most comfortable cities in China, on the opposite coast of Hainan Province, China.It is a new coastal residence masterpiece created by Agile Real Estate Group after deeply studying the needs of the times.Meanwhile,Agile Pearl Bay  and Cowboy Group conducted on-site analysis and children's psychological analysis to create an interesting children's outdoor play park as a landscape supporting facilities to meet the needs of children of all ages for play and parent-child interaction.The park is mainly based on the design concept of The Piggy Questing for Pearls.The whole park is a modern marine Adventure style unpowered outdoor park with a total construction area of 2190 square meters.

The Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park

Early Project Analysis and Design Philosophy

How to design the outdoor play spaces specifically for children?First of all, designer needs to conduct a systematic analysis of location, venue, market demand, customer groups, age groups, etc. of the project case, and then formulate efficacious design strategies.Cowboy's designers will submit 2D proposal design according to the site information provided by customers, and engineers will be hired to conduct on-site surveys and collect various indicator data if necessary.In addition, children in different age stages are subdivided into: middle child 6-9 years old; primary child 9-12 years old; teenagers stage 12-18 years old; choose the appropriate outdoor playground equipment according to the psychological characteristics and play needs of different age stages.

The Cowboy Design Team hopes to achieve the four design philosophy of activation, integration, growth, and flow for this project.Connecting and integrating the community, growing along with the children in the community, giving the children's outdoor park a new community life, and enhancing the fluidity and openness of the park.Therefore, the design concept of the The Piggy Questing for Pearls themed outdoor unpowered park was born.

The Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park

Next, let’s take a look at the design concept of The Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park.

Theme Background

The synopsis of the story of "Piggy Questing for Pearls" is that the optimistic piggy, due to financial constraints, went to the sea to find a beautiful pearl to give to his mother as a birthday gift. In the end, the piggy went through all kinds of difficulties and dangers at sea and realized his dream.

According to the development sequence of the story line, the design team of Cowboy Group set up five functional areas and equipped with a variety of outdoor amusement equipment for children to explore and play, including the Pearls Sinking In The Sea Area (Sailing Playground), the Pearls Devices Area (Swing Playground), the Pearls Falling On The Plate Area (Seabed Park), the Pearls And Jades Emitting Resplendence Bedeckedly Area (Climbing And Playing Sand Park) and the Resplendent With Jewels Area (Music Hall).

Firstly,the first area is Pearls Sinking In The Sea Area where there is a Sailing Playground named Adventure. When the kids who enter the the Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park will be transformed into the Piggy, and board the Sailing Playground named Adventure. Secondly,the second area is Pearls Devices Area which is the first destination for the Piggy arrival.Pearls Devices Area is the first destination where the piggy arrives and sees the pearls. In this area, Piggy not only met Miss Conch playing here and spent a happy time together, but he also saw various Outdoor Climbing and Expansion equipment and a Large Ring Swing, which are composed of strings of beautiful pearls. Thirdly,the third area is Pearls Falling On The Plate Area.Miss Conch as the good friend of the piggy, she guilds the piggy to the third area- Pearls Falling On The Plate Area. Fourthly,the fourth area is the Pearls And Jades Resplendence Bedeckedly Area.The Piggy from the Pearls Falling On The Plate Area suddenly slipped to the the Pearls And Jades Resplendence Bedeckedly Area, and the Pearls And Jades Resplendence Bedeckedly Area as a pearl deposit, if Piggy wants to get pearls ,he must go through many levels through climbing, crossing.Finally the piggy get full of pearls. Fifthly,the fifth area is the Resplendent With Jewels Area.The Piggy found a lot of pearls in the fourth area and selected the largest and brightest pearl as a birthday gift for his mother.

The Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park

Matching Outdoor Playground Equipment

The Pearl Sinking In The Sea is matched with a Sailing Playground which contains Climbing Nets Combination,Rock Climbing Area,Stainless Steel Slides,etc.The Pearls Devices Area is matched with various Outdoor Climbing Expansion Equipment and a Large Ring Swing which includes Bird’s Nest Swing,360° Degree Moon Single For Outdoor Playground and so on.The Pearls Falling On The Plate Area is matched with a lot of Stainless Steel Slides,Colorful Rock Climbing Area Equipment,Rainbow Circle Equipment,Smart Expansion Equipment,Climbing Net,etc.The Pearl And Jade Emitting Resplendence Bedeckedly has a Ultra-Large Climbing Nets for Outdoor Playground,Desert Oasis Playground, Knowledge Playground and other Sand Play Equipment.The Resplendent With Jewels Area is a music hall area,which contains Elite Drum Equipment, Piano Series Music Equipment, and Green Snake Megaphone Equipment.

The Landing Pictures

The Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park
The Piggy Questing for Pearls Adventure Park