Jianfa Central Seal Children's Playground

Project Location:Nanning, Guangxi

Project Area :1,200 square meters

Landing Time:2020-06

Wuxiang Playground

The Legendary Guardian Giant Elephant

Long long ago there was a legend, five god elephants in the sky happened to pass through Nanning and found that this magical and beautiful land was not only fertile and watery, but also the people were loyal, kind, honest, diligent, and hospitable. So they went down here to help the villagers plow the land, harvest grain and chop rice, then established a sincere relationship with the villagers. Later the Yongjiang River flooded the land and the land was inundated. The masses had no means to live. Nanning also lost its original beauty and richness. So the five god elephants turned into five mountains, blocking the flood. Since then, they has been the permanent protector of this land.

——"Nanning Five Elephant Legend"

Combine nature, art and science to create a natural paradise for children as much as possible in the reinforced concrete city. Design, make our life better, make children’s childhood better. In order to conform to the community design concept of Jianfa Central Seal Chinese Garden, the playground created by CowBoy Group selected the local traditional five elephants legend of Nanning as the basis, creating a scene that implies "the Swiss elephant drinks the river and protects the soil and water".

Jianfa Central Seal Playground
Jianfa Central Seal Playground
Jianfa Central Seal Playground