Product Description

The design is inspired by the big banyan tree in the primitive jungle, and incorporates amusement facilities into the jungle scene; it aims to allow children to leave the virtual network world and communicate in the outdoor nature.
The latest amusement equipment is rigorously scientifically designed and assembled, and is comprised of several linear metal platforms, each of which is connected by various metal support rods or ropes. The combination of non-synchronized channels between the platforms makes climbing, leaping and walking in the air more diversified, full of fun and infinite entertainment.
Under the tree is a small world of insects. Life scenes are created by mimicking rocks and mountain peaks, and various insects live next to it. Combining different types of games to create a natural ecological world, suitable for different age groups, so that all children can find their own game place. From the big tree to the insect world, you can find the taste of nature here, and find the green field for spiritual rest.

Product Specifications

Project Location: Baoji,Shanxi

Project Area: 4000 square meters

Landing Time:2017-06