Product Description

Che Kung Temple is listed as one of the main temples in Hong Kong together with Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, Wong Tai Sin Temple in Chuk Yuen, and Fotang Gate Temple.According to legend, Che Kung was a brave general in the late Southern Song Dynasty,a native of Wufu in Nanchang, Jiangxi, he was posthumously named Grand Marshal for his meritorious service in investigating the Jiangnan Rebellion.

Subsequently, the Mongolian army invaded, and the Song army was unable to resist. Song Emperor Bing went south to seek refuge, and Che Kung escorted him all the way to Hong Kong, but unfortunately died of illness on the way. The villagers built a temple to worship him in memory of his loyalty and bravery during his lifetime.The Che Kung is the patron saint of Sha Tin, and the famous copper windmill of Che Kung Temple is placed next to the statue of Che Kung.People who come to worship will turn the windmill around to pray for good luck. The design extracts elements such as the roof of Che Kung Temple, windmills, etc., and sets up communion channels to show the style of Che Kung's great love.

The unique war drums act Che Kung's heroic style, and the embellishment of pavilions, towers, and auspicious clouds is the auspicious meaning of traditional culture. The design integrates traditional culture and combines modern play functions to provide a platform for children to explore and inherit culture.