The Unpowered Outdoor Playground

The unpowered outdoor playground is an amusement facility composed of functional structures such as climbing, sliding, and swinging, fasteners, and connectors.The characteristics of the unpowered outdoor playground are high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, and parent-child interactive entertainment.

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?

The concepts of the unpowered outdoor playground can be traced back to 150 years ago in the regions of Europe and America, however, the China government took the promulgation of the national standards of the Chinese unpowered amusement facilities in 2011 as the beginning, including GB/T 27689-2011 Slide and GB/T 28711-2012 Swing, and both of them clearly define the species and applications of the unpowered amusement facilities. In short, the unpowered outdoor playground is an active experience device that does not rely on any unnatural external forces and energy.

The unpowered outdoor playground can meet all age groups to play together, especially for the parent-child interactive play, which create a resort scene for constructing an ecological family outdoor vacation center that combines education and entertainment, and then building a one-stop solution for family and parent-child vacation. Additionally, various regions match kinds of themed playground to create a scene experience, providing children and adults with a scene immersive play experience, enhancing customers stickiness, and increasing customers’ duration of stay, as well as the number of repurchases to the maximum extent.

With the improvement of urbanization level and the continuous rapid growth of the cultural tourism market, unpowered themed parks have gradually integrated with education, rural areas, scenic spots, resorts, IP and other scenarios, extending to more application scenarios.What’s more, because of its high safety factor, long service cycle and low maintenance cost, it is widely favored by investment operators, and the unpowered themed park has been applied to many scenic spots and resorts.

The Unique Charm of the Unpowered Themed Park

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?

Common unpowered facilities include the following types of challenges, experiences, and interactions. The unpowerd themed park can fully release the play nature based on the different needs for the kids on different ages, which better satisfy the children’s behavior characteristics and psychological demands. The advantages of unpowered theme parks mainly include the following characteristics:

No Age Limit: The unpowered rides in the unpowered park are not only suitable for children, but also for adults and the elderly, attracting more people to participate.

Environmental Protection and Health: The power-free park is built using environmentally friendly materials to construct and abandons the application of traditional mechanical power. Let tourists relax and have fun in a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable environment.

High Innovation Frequency:The unpowered park is a platform integrating innovative technology, leisure and entertainment. In addition, through continuous research and development and innovation of amusement equipment, tourists' novelty of unpowered amusement equipment can be satisfied.

Exercising the Abilities: The unpowered park can better exercise children’s communication skills.The kids who often play in the unpowered park can expand their social connection nets, because some activity projects are finished requiring several individuals to cooperate, and kids who often play in the unpowered park can improve their cooperation and communication skills.

Besides, the the unpowered park can exercise thinking ability, willpower, and physical balance ability and the unpowered amusement equipment is a combination of leisure and physical training equipment, which can promote the children’s healthy growth.

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?

The Types of Unpowered Park


The unpowered amusement products can be linked with multiple industries and integrate the theme parks, cultural tourism scenic spots, commercial real estates, characteristic towns, and other various scenes to not only provide an entertainment venue but also become a part of the landscape that has the worth to visit, attracts a variety of parent-child family to visit and continues to provide dynamic and transformable consumption momentum.

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?

Amusement & Nature

Outdoor unpowered parks can be perfectly integrated with scenic spots, farms, resorts, rural revitalization and other places at the same time, and the site layout can be reasonably planned according to the site environment and conditions.In addition, the planning of the park hardly damages the natural environment and achieves a high degree of integration with the local cultural environment and natural landscape. This is an important feature of an outdoor non-powered park.Moreover, the forest, farmland, and various animal and plant elements are added to the outdoor amusement, creating a natural education class and following the children’s growing nature. In addition, contact with nature can alleviate children's loneliness, impatience, anxiety, and other emotions, so that children get a great sense of spiritual pleasure and good emotional experience.

Amusement & Culture

In many tourism resources, how to make themselves stand out? Unpowered Amusement is an excellent IP carrier. As children's outdoor amusement and family interaction projects, the innovative integration development of unpowered amusement and cultural and creative IP should adopt effective packaging with IP that appeals to all ages or integrate local culture, and region to create new IP and new stories. What’s more, the unpowered amusement with the IP theme is equal to having the soul figure, so as to create unique highlights and characteristics and achieve a win-win situation with IP.

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?

Amusement & Sports

At present, the physical fitness movement is developing towards the direction of popularization, normalization and casualization and the integration development in culture, sports and tourism is the popular trend. Various nations in the world have created a variety of sports forms and sports cultures in their own development, and many sports events are deeply influenced by cultural forms. However, many of today's unpowered amusement projects often only focus on external facilities and ignore the cultural connotation, as an expert in the construction of unpowered amusement, we should integrate a variety of cultures into it to create high-viscosity, personalized, immersive, deep unpowered amusement products.

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?


Learning in the game is an important growing channel for teenagers and children and unpowered amusement can be combined with games and learning, breaking through the traditional education philosophy and achieving edutainment. Motor skills, spatial sense, and creativity are the most important aspects of children's education, and unpowered amusement provides the best conditions for developing these abilities. The integration of unpowered amusement and education will break the shortcomings of traditional education ways, make the boring school education and family education vivid according to the characteristics of kids at different age groups, and lead teenagers and children to actively study, create and explore, so as to improve the children’s physical quality, innovation ability, and social ability.

How does the unpowered themed park become the perfect place to attract traffic in the parent-child tour market?