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Outdoor Training Series
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Climbing Equipment Series

Product Brands: Cowboy
Product Family: Outdoor Training Series
Product ID: MT-31A-193
Specifications: 1370x1110x290cm
Scope: Park, community sports venues, schools
For people: 5 to 15 years old


Cowboy professional to provide customers with customized community supporting solutions, our products focus on the personality, the leisure, practical, everywhere embodies the combination of art and taste.

Cowboy has always made happy products by using healthy and environmental protection material. To configure complete supporting facilities in the community,  and let the old man and children have the leisure, amusement places, to build "living" and "people" of the environment for the community.

Climbing, rock climbing, rope and net climbing and other physical training are the essential part of adventure education, and also the most active and important factors of enhancing physical fitness and intellectual development   . It takes sports, exploration, challenge and development as the core, and integrated into the essence of the popular outdoor sports, development training, Tong Jun education, psychological behavior training, is comprehensive training facilities to promote children's physical fitness, intelligence, emotional intelligence, comprehensive development.

Design idea

     When children are climbing, they feel like climbing a mountain or a big rock, safety and adventure challenging activities make children learn to overcome difficulties, cultivate a strong sense of willpower and self protection, and improve their physical in climbing. And we want to do is, to exclude all the unsafe factors in the design.

Product material

Imported engineering plastic + international steel tube.

【Product features】


According to the children's climbing interest in the design of a unique and ever-changing game content, unique style,bright color, never fade, quality durable, safe and reliable.


Same texture, different material, anti - ultraviolet factor, use for outdoor more than 10 years not to brittle. Climbing, rock climbing, rope equipment can combination with slide in free collocation.

Product function

1,      By the smooth line design, fashion color, climbing, suspension, rotating and swinging which rich in challenging recreation elements, taking sports, exploration, entertainment, education into a perfect combination, let the children in the game exercise physical, balance, coordination, climbing and grasping skills.
2, Promoting children's physical fitness, intelligence, emotional intelligence , comprehensive development while challenging themselves, to provide children a safety places with physical fitness and challenging, to bring children the most abundant and the most diversified amusement adventure experience.


Improve children's feisty, unwilling to lag behind, dare to adventure, the spirit of solidarity; training children‘s brave, tenacious, indomitable personality, exercise the speed, strength, balance and coordination all-round development.


Mobilize children to coordinate the operation of various parts of the body, to provide help for the development of children, promoting the coordination of the child's body, so that they are more flexible, and react more agile.


1, Don't push in the process of playing, and obey the order.
2, If there are other children on the climbing frame, keep a distance, to avoid be kicked by the children in front.


For the sake of safety, every child should start to climb from the same side of the climbing frame, moving in the same direction


Partens should always focus on children, don't let the children match to see who climb quickly or high.