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Jungle Animal Series
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Jungle Animal Series Slide

Product Brands: Cowboy
Product Family: Jungle Animal Series
Product ID: MT-31A-087
Specifications: 9104x5757x4752cm
Scope: Communities, Parks, Kindergartens, etc.
For people: 3 to 12 years old


【Design inspiration】


  In a piece of green forest roaming the happy elements, attracting the giraffes foraging for food , frog with big eyes, beautiful butterfly, hard-working bee, and naughty caterpillar of the forest, come and play with the animals in the jungle.

      The design inspiration comes from kids favourite animals, jungle through the green mass-tone attune with harmonious collocation of all kinds of small animals to create a free and happy animal park environment, design the most can highlight and the stereo effect of rich infectious animal characteristics, enhance the child's cognitive ability, lets the child learn about different animals in the game of life habits and characteristics. Creative products, is conducive to give full play to the imagination of children, and to get some physical exercise.


 Main parts  Roof, Slides, Baffle, Stairs, Platforms, Pillar
 Main material  1、Plastic parts:Imported engineering plastics.
 2、Iron parts: Hot dip galvanized pipe.
 3、Fastening piece:Selects the stainless steel anti-theft screw and die casting aluminum.
 Product advantage  1、Product plastic parts are the south Korean imports of plastic powder rolling forming.
 2、Adding permanent antistatic factor and anti UV factor, with UV resistant, anti-static function
 3、Plastic products of 95 degrees high temperature resistant, anti shock, anti slip, anti cracking, safety and environmental protection, do not fade.
 4、The hardware adopts mill cutting, ensure smooth, neat incision; bending machine of pipe bending, meet the design requirements.
 5、Metal surface treatment, we introduce advanced shot blasting machine, through shot blasting machine for metal surface polished, no pollution, improve the effect of spraying.
 6、Coating process, we adopt high-pressure electrostatic spraying technology, the environment pollution-free, harmless to the human body.
 7、Wooden equipment material is rich, mainly adopts plastic wood, carbonized wood, merbau, hill camphorwood, anticorrosive wood, etc.
 Product certification  GS, CE, CCC, ISO14001 and ISO9001, Pacific insurance underwriting.
 Product packaging  Damp cloth and suspension bubble wrap.
 Product warranty  3 years.
 Tips  1、Please check the screws and other fasteners regularly to ensure the structural safety.
 2、Please let the child play with the guardian.
 3、Please do not use sharp cut or blunt tapping equipment, avoid contact with corrosive liquid equipment.