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Green Country Series
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Green Country combined toy cabinet-A

Product Brands: Cowboy
Product Family: Green Country Series
Product ID: MT-0002-A
Specifications: 520cm
Scope: bottom class,middle class,top class
For people: kindergarten


【Design inspiration】

Rich rustic,
urban children back to the countryside,
feeling the nature
feeling the 70s, 80s parents' life,
and the kind of childhood in the free fun.......

【Design idea】
◆Garden style design, so that children feel in a natural, comfortable country ,play and grow;
◆Vibrant colors, inspire children lively and passionate nature, so that he is more active and optimistic from the home into the kindergarten;
◆North American style of the Green village, to create a leisure and elegant leisure space


Bouncing color, can improve people's enthusiasm,

make the person every day is full of passion and


children in this color environment,

will also be affected by the.


The appearance design of the whole set of cabinet adopts the width of 40cm,

free collocation aid basket, in order to increase the practicability of the cabinet.

We created a new structure,

we take the shape of the space is also considering the practical space inside,

it is practical, and it is the subject of the cabinet.

Texture of material

15mm solid wood splicing board,

by the multi-layer of the solid wood board

after the high temperature of the environmental protection resin glue.


A. does not split

B. waterproof


Each corner is more than R15mm,

in line with the "children furniture general technical conditions" regulation,

prevent damage children's every inch of skin;

The corner cabinet and other receive ark,

link into an organic whole, more secure.


Not limited to use, can be a toy cabinet, partition cabinet,

combined corner cabinet, table, door hole, puppet corner cabinet,

also can be a doll house and so on, it is composed of 9 different cabinets,

it is composed of 9 different cabinets,

can be arbitrarily placed, combined with modern teaching and design.